Mystery Key Escape Room in Pittsburgh is a fun, interactive real life adventure game designed for small groups. Ideal for friends, families, co-workers and even strangers to get a lot of fun.  Find the hidden objects, figure out the clues and solve the puzzles to earn your freedom and escape out of the room.  Quick! You have only 60 minutes! Book today to challenge yourself and see if you think quick enough to escape in time.

Mystery Key Escape Room is the perfect game to have an adventurous night with your friends.

Mystery Key Escape Room is the ideal game for a great time to be spent with the entire family, where parents and kids can cooperate all together.

Mystery Key Escape Room is the perfect game to build Cooperation and Team work for your employees.

Mystery Key Escape Room is a must-do attraction the city of Pittsburgh has to offer. Located in the heart of Squirrel hill neighborhood.

You have heard from the grapevine that the Master chess player, who lives here, has a lot of money hidden in this room.  As far as you know, he will be gone for 1 hour and now is your chance to find the loot!!
Oops!! You also got stuck in a chess master room!!
Are you ready for the Ultimate Checkmate!

Terror has come to Pittsburgh!! An FBI Special Agent has been found dead, the investigation of this homicide has led you to find a nuclear bomb ready to go off in just 1 hour!! Will you be able to disarm it to save the entire city of Pittsburgh? 

Book Now and check it out!

Mystery Key Escape Room in Pittsburgh